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Friday, May 27, 2016


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PS.. Back in the 60's the LIRR had a very popular "icon" representing the commuters - "Dashing Dan". Today Dashing Dan shot glasses ( I have a dble shot one!) and other items are sought out.


Glad you reposted as I haven't seen it-LOVE IT! I used to take the 4:19 "Cannonball" back "home" (Bridgehampton stop also). I lived in the city for couple years mid 60's. I was attending an Electronic Eng Institute and working p/t at Macy's Herald Sq.Hi-fi dept.

I was 18-19. The train back then had a very busy parlor car and a lot of folks staggering a bit when they got off!! was a bit more wild & fun then! Also you weren't lost in such a mob when getting off like now!


Just as good as the first time you posted it So Long Ago!
I did not remember the comments though which are very funny👍👍

Michele Dragonetti

It's crazy out there!

Mary Tanaskovic Bitting

Enjoyed seeing this again, Claudia.....especially now that all of Nick's in-laws live on Long Island. Happy Memorial Day weekend to you and Peter!

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