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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


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OH dear!!! Looks like you could of used a couple of percocets!!! he should try one of those back braces! They work! Well all in all you made the best decision! you could be here buried in the snow! keep safe and soldier on!

BAFA Studio

Sounds like good decisions were made regarding Peter's back and making lemonade from lemons. When you arrive in St. Petersburg, we will be moving (hope) to our new home. Tell Peter we commensurate with the back pain.

Tim & I are making sure to carve out time to read your blog and get the latest as we follow you through this new adventure. We wish you good luck, safe journey, and the best of health. Hugs!


Oh my, that sounds awful. But mostly due to Peter's suffering. I hope he feels better. You were able to learn so much from your unplanned/undesired situation-truly turning a negative into a positive. And made a new friend as a result.
Good Luck with your continued excursion and hope he improves enough to be able to participate in the next one.

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