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Friday, March 28, 2014


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Mary, I honestly don't know except that this was going in to the minutes of The National Supply Company's books.
Beth, This is REALLY interesting.

Mary Tanaskovic Bitting

Very inspiring write-up, Claudia....but why is there no information about his family -- wife, children, etc?

Beth comer

Very interesting! I lived in Toledo for almost 8 years when my children, now grown, were little. It's an interesting and somewhat quirky little place, but it was a gift to have lived there and raise my kids in their most formative years. I know the Art Museum well. It is one of the very few gems in this small city.

I am also doing the ancestry thing on my family and have uncovered some incredible things. But, like you, I am overwhelmed by some of the beautiful descriptions of the character of generations gone by-- a true legacy far beyond riches to the generations to come.

My many times over great grandfather (I'll get around to counting it some day) was "a man of great piety to God and service to his fellow men, upstanding in his relationship to the Indians, and left behind many precious memorials. His names deserves to be kept fragrant. .... A man of good character and an orderly walk ... Wherever he came it shone ..."

This man was party to the founding of Branford, CT and Southampton, LI and laid the groundwork for the establishment of Newark, NJ. His first church in Southampton was originally a Congregational church but continues to this day as the First Presbyterian Church. C. 1640's. To this day right up to my great uncle his name carries through the generations, and, should my first grandson arrive this summer, I believe the name will continue once again-- Pierson.

It's all terribly exciting and awe inspiring.

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