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Saturday, January 11, 2014


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I couldn't agree more Jan.


I have found the most amazing and talented friends around the world through the internet.
Meeting several of them in person has been the
icing on the cake...the fragrance of actually smelling the bread out of the oven. Thanks to French Word A Day for sending me here!

Patricia Sands

I, too, discovered you through Kristen's blog. Thanks for sharing the lovely story of your internet friendship with Barbara. As an author ~ who often writes about France :-) and about women's friendship ~ I agree that it is possible to establish authentic and meaningful connections on the internet. You and Barbara are fine examples! Bravo.

Brenda Hayler

I, too, found your enjoyable paintings via Kristens' French-Word-A-Day and was so pleased to know you both finally met and can continue to 'meet' via the Internet.
Actually, I also am an artist (photography and painting plus-which means many artistic ventures! Lights and shadows give great visual possibilities! I have just returned from visiting my family in France & the UK so understand your comments - for me, les amies, le vin, le fromage et le pain donc la vie est parfait!


Thank you one and all and welcome. More to come. BTW Marcia, to my knowledge the Wards in my tree derive from upstate New York and then Ireland. Any connections to West Point in your tree?

Cassie  Alexandrou

Thank you for this beautiful story. It filled me with incredible happiness and hope as I began my day.

Judi Miller, Lake Balboa, CA

We were in BandN bookstore in Santa Monica yesterday and I was looking at a 'watercolor how to' kit. I didn't buy but I told my husband this was the year I was going to draw a picture!! Whether I ended up using ink, watercolor or acrylic or pastels or simply leave in pencil - something must happen. It might not be pretty but I'm determined to let out this 'old itch'!! Your friendship for some reason has inspired me. Thank you! You two are very blessed!

Marcia Douglas

Just discovered your blog through Kristen's French-Word-A-Day. Love these paintings & your photography! Makes me want to try my hand at oils too. I'm trying to learn watercolors right now. Also, my mother's maiden name was Ward. They were Eastern Tennessee Wards. Nice to meet you!


I love this posting- I can just picture the two of you finally meeting. gorgeous paintings as always by B. Andolsek and the eiffel tower one is really cool.
This was really great, for the two of you and for those of us who have been following along.
thank you for sharing this- sounds trite, but true.

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