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Monday, May 20, 2013


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Tom Winsch

Hi Claudia. There's something about that last picture that is very striking but I usually have trouble putting these feelings into words. But that's the nature of photography. That black umbrella with the white trim, the one with the polka dots that is closed, the reflection of their images in the puddle....
Comes together quite nicely. Well done.


Love them all, especially the little ones! Safe journey home...

Ally de Groat

I want to go out and buy a big beautiful umbrella now :)


Loved the story about Mont St Michel. I have a slight memory of going there as a kid before we came back from living in Switzerland. We came back on the French line.


Merci a vous Valérie!



Valerie Jardin

I love it! Beautiful street photography, perfect use of a rainy day!

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