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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


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Thank you Ally, I was hoping for this kind of reaction!

Ally de Groat

amazing shapes- they remind me of the purest blown glass the way you have captured them.


Too cool, way (wave?!) too cool.


Utterly fascinating...

Claudia Ward

Nancy, I started shooting these waves on the automatic setting of Sport with ISO set to automatic as well. I found the shutter speed wasn't fast enough to stop the action the way I wanted to, so I switched to Shutter Priority and set the shutter speed to 1/1250 second and set the ISO to 200. This worked fairly well although it did limit my depth of field with a fairly wide aperture of f/6.3. Wanting a bit more of each image to appear in focus, I decided to see what would happen if I increased the ISO to 400, despite the sunny day. The result was my aperture adusted to f/9.0 giving me the additional depth of field that I wanted. I happen to know that noise is not a real issue on the D60 at ISO 400. Remember it's always best to shoot at the lowest ISO that you can, on the D60 that's ISO 100 - that will always result in the best quality. When you want to "stop the action" first think shutter speed.

Nancy Lanzoni

I should amend that by saying that I often have too high an ISO and too slow a shutter speed, rather than the other way 'round!

Nancy Lanzoni

Claudia, I love these photos. I normally shoot with an ISO fast enough to stop the action. I never thought about slowing it down. These are fabulous!

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