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Monday, July 02, 2012


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Paul, Your comments and sentiment are greatly appreciated, and I love knowing I'm part of your Sundays! Thanks as always for your continued support.

Paul Angotta

I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the blog - but as others have stated, the photographs are what really make it special. There have been many instances where the beauty of these shots took my breath away - - and the picture of the veteran in the church brought tears to my eyes.

As you know , Claudia, your blog has become part of my weekend ritual that I look forward to - - please keep up the great work.


Deb, Your comments mean a great deal to me and I like your ideas - good food for thought (no pun intended). I had to go back in Open-Window's archives to find Generation to Generation and smiled as I reread the poem. Thanks so much for the feedback and your support over the past couple of years.

Debra Cobb

I have truly enjoyed the blog and hope it will continue! The nature and scenic photos are stunning, and I still remember your "blue hour" studies as being outstanding. As a foodie I love the recipes, as well as your travel and restaurant posts,and I think this is an area you could perhaps find a way to commercialize. Some kind of online cookbook? Or a travel/restaurant review blog that accepts adverts? While I'm personally not that interested in the more technical posts about photography, I know many in your audience share your enthusiasm, and I can certainly
see how much you guys have learned and advanced in your craft. Your writing is always top-notch, and some of your personal anecdotes have been very meaningful to me, such as the poem about "Generation to Generation."


Ally, I cannot thank you enough for your commentary on Open-Window. I found it interesting that the randomness of topics, although they do center on food, travel and photography, is one of the things you enjoy the most. I too enjoy that variety, it keeps me entertained and I feel affirmed that it entertains and interests you too. Of course, the photography is the lynchpin of it all, and I cannot wait to see which image you've selected as my thank you to you. Thanks again. Ciao!


Well, I really dislike nothing about your blog, except perhaps the decreased postings....
I LoVe your photographs, always, and love your random subject inclusions. Jumping b/t nature,animals,food,people,environment, and of course your amazing travels is endlessly enthralling and like a gift, never knowing what each posting will expose. While I certainly enjoy your text and your recipes, many of which I have even made (& I am not the cook in the family as you well know) my favorite aspect of your blog has to be the gorgeous photography, definitely. The slide shows paired so perfectly with your music are such fun to watch and of course include your amazing photography. What I "get" from your blog is an exposure to all I have listed which has previously been foreign to me. I am not a true web surfer, tend to dip into email, Facebook viewing with rare postings, and a flew sites on my usual path through cyberspace. So your blog opens the world of your likes which I find fascinating.
I am unsure how this might help your monetization-I lack the imagination for that. Perhaps why I remain in my self-titled dead end job- ha
Cannot even fathom which lovely photo might be my primary choice-something requiring further research although I have one in mind.
I truly love your blog and would sadly miss it were you to eliminate it entirely.


They were on the same focal plane.

I love this photo of the bee and the flower.
The flower is tack sharp - so obviously that was what you were focusing on - but the bee is pretty sharp too...
Were they on the same (or close to the same) focal plane or did you have a smaller aperture setting to get them both?

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