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Wednesday, May 09, 2012


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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, one and all. You're comments are greatly appreciated and I've decided to share both for discussion - given time. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your perspectives, thanks again.


I love the water one- the gorgeous coulours, the reflection, the narrowness of the space creates a soothing image. And I love how the prows of the boats feels echoed in the arch of the bridge. Venice is about water, boats that travel on it , and the bridges that traverse it.
The shirts are very interesting and nicely captured.
Of course you have probably already submitted by now.

Sally Ward

I too would vote for the reflections. Both tell wonderful stories, however I find the lines of the first picture are more pleasing to the eye and I find myself wondering where the waterway would lead and what more is there to the story. I find the clothes lines to be distracting.

Deb Cobb

Am enjoying reading about your adventures. Happy Birthday to Peter. I think if I had to choose one of the photos to hang on my wall, it would be the first one with the reflection of the water. The colors and textures seem more vivid and the allover effect is beautiful. I find the horizontal line of the clothesline inhibits me from taking in the second photo as a whole.


Happy Birthday Peter! Love them both as well, but going with the local this is real life in Venice shot of the clothesline and the bicyclist., weaving both sides together with the zig zag of the clothesline, etc

Robert Beyer

Absolutely spot on for both !! I was drawn to the boats for the reflective "incongruity"
Know you will have a rewarding experience with this "workshop"
Moon over Venice shot was just incredible - despite the local "interference"
Happy Birthday Peter !!!

Sandra Hughes

I think either of these would be good - but I'm most drawn to the alley with the clothes lines. The motor boats in the canal seem almost incongruous...tho that is not necessarily a bad thing if that's what you wanted.

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