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Saturday, May 05, 2012


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I felt your need due to the fact you felt the decision to actually write with you.
You spent time writing up something that I read. I understand selecting what I read isn't especially always my preference. I sometimes skim what I was looking around for. So yeah, thanks and saying hello

Sally Ward

I hope you were able to get some great pictures last night. Looks like you were going to be in a great location!!!


Bob, You are good - recognize your cousin anywhere, would you? Well done.

Robert Beyer

Wow !! whata story ! you have a terrific talent for writing conveying a vivid "picture" of the story.. When is your first Novel about the Traveling Photographers! Glad no injuries!
Peter is over to the left with a blue shirt and tan shorts? (to the right of the big white bldg.

Paul Angotta

Next trip - luggage with no wheels! These stories are amazing - felt like I was right there with you & the pics are amazing/1 Keep them coming!


Loved the story, loved the pictures, thanks for brining back so many fond memories for me...........will be living vicariously through you.........


Sally the moon rises here tonight at 7:54 pm and the sun sets at 8:22 pm. It's suppose to rain tomorrow so we're hoping the clouds don't come in early. Check out the western edge of the Piazza San Marco on The Photographer's Ephemeris (sp?), a.k.a. TPE, that's where we'll be! Cross your fingers.


Thank you all for your good wishes.


My goodness-your descriptive powers brought the many situations to life, stressfully so. Thankfully you both managed and emerged more or less unscathed. I hope that is the most challenging day you will have on your trip.


I am so glad you made it. I was thinking of you all day knowing the challenges you may have. Around 1:30 AM I awoke and looked on the computer to see if I could reach you. When I saw that I could not, I went back to sleep. This weekend is what they are calling super moon which is the biggest, brightest, and closest the moon will get to us in 2012. I am sure you are probably aware of this though. I am off to take some pictures in a little bit. Thank goodness you went to Venice a couple of days early!!


I had been interrupted while reading and couldn't wait to return to this epoch wordsmithing.  Phew. May the rest of your journey be smoothly transitioned from one transport to the others

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