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Sunday, March 25, 2012


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Ally, I have always found grating ginger a challenge at best and it seems like you might have found that too. In the segment on the Food Network, Alton Brown used a ginger grater which is a shallow ceramic dish with a raised center with "spikes'. Alton covered the dish with plastic wrap and then grated the ginger over the plastic-covered spikes. It looked easy enough. If you want to see what the dish looks like, check out Williams Sonoma "ginger grater".

Peter uses a spatula shaped grater with a handle. We have one from Williams Sonoma which is labeled "fine grater" and lists ginger among the things that it will grate. Peter finds those grating "holes" too small and prefers the one we got from our grocery store that has larger grating "holes". No matter what tool you use, this endeavor does take some time.

I should probably also tell you that we've read that some people freeze the ginger and then grate it. We have yet to try this so don't know whether it simplifies the task or not. If you try it, let us know how it worked (or didn't). I hope this answered your question.

Ally de Groat

this sounds very intriguing, especially in light of "spring is here" time. although they are speaking of frost tonite where I live.
what implement have you found to be the best for grating ginger? I always manage to leave most of it on the grater, or have too many thready may reply here and I'll check back.
maybe your other readers might offer tips as well.
how did alton do it?

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