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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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Yes, the gravy is wonderful and even better the next day. This dish was always one of my favorites and my mother's favorite to make, but I never learned her tricks (a la Julia), so I am delighted to be gaining an education from you! I guess when I had the chance to learn more from my mother I was so busy with children that I just couldn't focus on more than the most basic cooking. Cookbooks can be overwhelming with so many choices. I appreciate that you choose things that you love.


Emily, I'm thrilled that you tried the recipe and that you liked it. That gravy is addictive, isn't it?


I made the boeuf bourguignon last weekend. Fabulous. Thanks you so much. I did use chuck and it was very tender. I had less meat to start with so I cut back a bit on the other ingredients and it came out just fine. Browning the meat a little at a time made a big difference in the tenderness(as compared with my other attempts), I think. Trying to 'get it all done' speedily doesn't produce the same delicious result!


I can't tell how disappointed I am that this didn't work out well for you Lee. I have found that you do need to use a flavorful and "moist" (i.e. with fat) meat like "chuck". "Round" stays in cubes and becomes quite tough. I have to say that I'm surprised that you needed more fluid, with 5- 5.5 cups of fluid between the cognac, beef broth and the bottle of wine ... I don't know that just surprised me. Perhaps the oven time should be reduced to 1 hour. For your leftovers, I suggest adding some low-sodium chicken stock to revitalize the gravy, which, by the way, should taste even better than it did the first time. I sure hope you find that to be true! Cheers!


Alas, ours wasn't QUITE as good as WE had hoped, as it needed more red wine (got a bit drier than expected). That said, we still have a lot left over and that's fine by me. How did you get the meat to come out so chunky like that?!

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