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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


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You have to have a butterfly bolt to hold the plates on to the screw that is part of the grinder. Good luck. Over and out!

Babs Kerns

I was recently given one of these old meat grinders by a friend with what appears to be two convex grinding plates, but there is no manual with it. Yours looks like it, except that this one has "00" as the number on the side of the top instead of "2", but they look very similar. Would you know how to find instructions for using it? I have never used any grinder before, and I didn't want to waste meat trying to figure it out if you might be able to direct me somehow. I don't know what the two plates are used for, if they're used together, what it is recommended for, etc. Thanks either way. :)

- Babs


Ally, The end product of each is good ground meat, but I must say it's not very appealing "photographically speaking".


which did you prefer? I was hoping to see some of the actual meat, ground out.....
nice music for the photos.


S.Hughes ... old versus new? The results were the same. The new was just faster given it's powered by electricity rather than elbow-grease, and I wouldn't think of putting the old in the dishwasher. I'm not giving up either one.


Thanks Bob, you have no idea how much pleasure we get from your participation.


Terrific, - eclectic!..loved how the lighting worked on the "old" one.

Well I'd say the old was definitely more photogenic than the new...
Having only used the old myself - how did it perform in comparison?


Thanks guys. Frannie, shepherds pie is one of my favorites. Thanks for reminding me.


My mom had an old metal meat grinder-great for making shepherd's pie with leftover lamb!

Valerie Jardin

Fun! I like the music you picked too, very fitting!

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