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Saturday, August 27, 2011


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Paul Angotta

Now that Irene is in the rear view mirror, I hope you and Peter are safe and your property escaped the wrath of the storm.

I remember my Dad waking us up in the middle of the night during Hurricane Belle as the eye passed over our house in Huntington. You could look up and see the stars through swirling clouds - amazing. Though we lived five miles from the Long Island sound, the air smelled like we were right at the ocean's edge. All too quickly, the storm's fury returned and we scurried back to the indoors for cover.

Wonder what other memories our fathers gave us that are so similar. . . .

Robert Beyer

Out here in Colorado..I've tuned into some of the NY tv stations streaming sources and of course WLNG radio Sag Harbor. They have a great streaming signal. They sure have done a lot for the communities out on the East End. Growing up out there I've ridden out many a nor-easter and hurricanes pumping out our family cabin boat down in the cove off main street. Stay safe!


Hope you are riding this out safely and with minimal distress!


wow, just read this now- you posted it really late last nite, or rather this morning very early.
with us here, the forecast was a lot more dramatic than the actual event.
hopefully it will be the same for your area.
I hope all we hear from you are some great photos and fittingly mournful music.

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