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Thursday, August 11, 2011


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Thanks Ally, it was quite a day!


wow, that is a very beautiful photo- those clouds are simply amazing!
and the color contrast is incredible.

Paul Angotta

Darn - I was there last week. Been going to Saratoga since for more than 35 years and love it.

Have a great time in a true gem of upstate New York!


Frannie, your friend was very lucky, just like we were with the Cape.


one of my best friends in college grew up in Saratoga and worked at the track "in season" as a teenager! her Dad taught at Skidmore.

Charlie Dickerman

One of my VERY favorite tracks...favorite places for that matter...
I love the terrace but I have to walk down to the last turn for each exciting to see those 100# jockeys muscling those 1000# free spirits through the turn for the finish!!!!!!!

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