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Saturday, July 09, 2011


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great job Claudia, Sally, and Peter!

Paul Angotta

Much fun - my grandmother used to say 'bee's knees' all the time and I found it as humorous then as I do now.

The Roaring 20's - what a time they must have had.

Bonnie Phinney

I love it!! Hope you send it to YouTube! It is fabulous - and the music is great! Congrats to ALL of you for a job well done!
Hugs, Bonnie


WOW! Very well done. Compliments to Peter, Sally and Claudia. The photography was excellent and the music was perfect


This was really beautiful.
It was so amazing to see the bees so close like that and your hydrangea detail is gorgeous (Peter and Sarah)


THANKS Barbara, we all had fun with this.

BAFA Studio

Such cleverness, such wit! I was 'very' curious as to what music you would choose to go with this and literally did LAUGH OUT LOUD when I heard it. Tim even came in to see what was up... Thanks. As to the investigative reporting, excellent work.

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