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Friday, July 22, 2011


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In the farm country on the south fork of the east end of Long Island.


do you remember where you saw this at? I want to use a backdrop like this with a model


Claudia, That was my father's favorite saying too!!! My cousin had it ready and laminated to give us all at his funeral!! I have it by my desk and look at it daily!! Linda

Robert Beyer


BAFA Studio

It's obvious to me that your Dad was a wise gentleman with great insight... thanks for a wonderful experience Claudia. Glad to hear you're completely recovered.

Charlie Dickerman

Does it make you crazy when something your Dad said when you were 13 starts to make sense when you are...ummm...over 30? Thank goodness none of my Dad's references were from the bible....their meaning would still be obscure to me today. :-)

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