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Monday, May 30, 2011


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Claudia Danforth Ward

Thank you Ally, especially for telling me why, I truly appreciate your feedback.

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My favorite is the coloured one at the very top- just gorgeous. but interestingly enough my second favorite is the black and white at the bottom. Maybe it is the contrast b/t the colour which is so vividly pink and then the detail of the black and white.
Not sure but they are just beautiful!


I admit it...I love them all. What an eye you have for photography

Paul Angotta

It has been too dark for too long - bring on the colors of spring!!


Linda, So glad you liked the photos.

Barbara Andolsek Paintings

GORGEOUS! Love peonies.


B&W adds a touch of mystery and glamour - very 40's!


They are both beautiful and both the colored and B & W versions have their own wonderful merits.


Valerie thank you. What fun!

Valerie Jardin

Flowers do look beautiful in B&W. You tend to pay more attention to the details when you remove the color. Very nice!

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