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Sunday, March 13, 2011


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Thanks Frannie


great photos!
Happy Birthday Sally!


Barbara how special!! Thank you so much for the Birthday Wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Angotta

I read your posting with a smile on my face. I, too, have a little sister. We are 17 months apart - which means she tortured me growing up - but, we are quite close now. Carol and I are so alike that it is scary. We think alike, act alike, brutally research things before making decisions and laugh at the same stupid jokes and comments that we found funny when we were much younger. We went to the same college and I can't remember a stretch of more than a month or two when we not making plans to get together - even when I lived overseas. She is now in beautiful Wilton, CT, with her family; me in NYC. As we are saying 'good-bye' after one of these gatherings, she always says, "So, when are we getting together again?" And my standard response comes with a smile, "In a few weeks, for sure."

Thanks for sharing, Claudia.

Barbara Andolsek Paintings

Oh you guys...... I'm going to cry. What a wonderful connection. I was very aware of it from the start and now I know I was right. Have the Happiest Birthday ever Sally!!!


Thanks Sis - It was great having older sisters growing up because I heard the lectures and knew what to duck from as I grew up :). Thanks for saving me from getting into so much trouble!! :)

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