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Wednesday, February 09, 2011


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I am doing well-love your blog! The snow is melting a little-can see a little grass along the walk/sidewalk! Actually this year reminds me of the Chicago winters-like this every year.


Thanks for bringing us a bit of Spring a few weeks early, Claudia! Your slideshow brought back happy memories of the last time I was in Martha's Vineyard...a stop on one of several lovely cruises I took with my son and late mother.


Frannie, Warm weather is coming and the gray must go away. Hope you're well.

cousin frannie

agree about the winter. the piles of gray snow make driving interesting-especially four way stops and when cars are parked blocking parts of right hand lanes.
at least we are getting a little warmth so the snow is starting to melt a little!

Charlie Dickerman

Ya are just not treating your snow with respect down there! It needs to be welcomed and nurtured. You must invite its relatives to visit each week and to stay as long as they like. They keep the early arrivals bright and shiny. but push it around, pick it up and move it to obscure locations...Salt it(when it tastes just fine without salt) and generally treat it as an unwelcome arrival. Wouldn't you turn gray under those conditions

Valerie Jardin

THANK YOU! It's a LONG Winter here in Minnesota but having such extreme weather makes you really appreciate spring, the return of the migratory birds, the buds on the trees... It's coming, only about two months of snow left ;-)

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