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Sunday, January 09, 2011


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Bonnie Phinney

Finally had a few minutes to review your, my...what a time you have had. You make Paris glisten, flowers brighten and food delicious without tasting it! Such a talent! Cheers to the next year and more exploring, cooking and clicking! Love, Bonnie


Sharon, Many, many thanks for your kind words. I'm so pleased that you've followed along.

Sharon Keane

You have found art in everything! Your photographs are breathtaking; you have captured America (in particular) at its best. Congratulations on a wonderful review of the first year of the rest of your life! Thanks for taking all of us on the ride.


Congratulations, and great slide show!


Runa and Monty the door is always open.

Monty and Runa

What a lovely well designed photo presentation - a pleasure to be invited to come along to your year's exciting journey. You make it all look easy, which we're sure is not the case. We laud your inspired application - when can we meet for lunch at your place?!

Debra Cobb

Browsing through your "best of" reminded me of how seriously good you guys are! I enjoy the blog tremendously and look forward to more. Thank you for sharing all the food, photos and fond remembrances.


Someday you'll have to teach me everything you've learned in this past year. I love the blog - keep up the great work!


Wow- that was a wonderful slide show. I just loved how you put it all together and interwove the nature/cooking/sites into a cohesive and flowing visual extravaganza. And the music was a perfect match for the visuals.
My favorites were the icicle, your sag main winter shots, especially the christmas trees, the early morning fog, and so many of the nature shots- spiderweb encrusted with dew, the gorgeous flowers and your food stillife shots, fireworks, and those beautiful horses.
My, you certainly went to a lot of beautiful places also in this past year.
Thank you so much for making it such a treat to view and listen to everytime.
and the recipes are tremendous!


What a wonderful show and a wonderful year!
Sure beats banking. I smiled through out the viewings and "tasted" many of the yummy recipes in my mind.


Nice post. I love it. Waiting your new posts. Thank you...


Bob, I'm so glad you liked this post. Stay in touch.

Bob Ryan

Fabulous. Fantastic. Calming.

Bob Ryan

Paul Angotta

Claudia & Peter - wishing you many happy adventures in this new year! Keep taking these wonderful pictures and thank you for sharing them with us - enjoy!

John S

I enjoyed the slide show.There is some really nice "art" in there.Congrats on the 1st Anniversary.


Congratulations, Claudia and Peter, on Open Window's First Anniversary! I've enjoyed all of the posts and today's slide show was magnificent. Thank you....and keep up the great work!

Sally Ward

What a year you have had. Can't wait to see what good things 2011 brings.


Valerie, many thanks for the support and inspiration.

Valerie Jardin

.. And what a wonderful slide show! A perfect way to start my Sunday morning indeed! Thank you!

Valerie Jardin

Happy Anniversary! Although I started following your posts recently, I have really enjoyed them. Good work!

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