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Sunday, January 30, 2011


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this is a very beautiful posting- the still life of the pickles, and the painted rendering.

Barbara Andolsek Paintings

You are 'SO' talented, photography, cooking, and so much more... Actually, my Grandmother (German origin) canned 'everything under the sun', literally.

Being very very spoiled with just about every fruit tree, bush, plant (including peach trees) and scouring the fields every single year for wild blueberries and blackberries made for the greatest jams, pies, and tarts imaginable.

The winters were spent running to those jewels of canned goodies with lingering memories of great summers. The kids were put to work 'fertilizing' half of the garden each year, one side resting (but of course). Fresh veggies were also a very large part of our life. We wore God's blessings well!

So it's no wonder I grabbed that photo of those most amazing pickles and HAD to paint them. Thanks again Claudia!


I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also can't wait till the farmers markets open once again so more of these wonderful pickles can be made!!!!!!!!

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