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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


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Claudia Ward


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Claudia Danforth Ward


are you dan ward's daughter?
(i knew him....)

Barbara Andolsek Paintings

I agree, and heartily hope that TLC is a big factor in the sale. It's too good to pass up, I'm sure someone will snatch her up soon.

Sally Ward

The memories of "the store" and times working there are endless. Band concert nights selling "penny-candy" (and it truly cost a penny then) and punk to keep the bugs away. Assembling the Sunday newspapers, sending telegrams from the Western Union sub-station tucked in the back of the store, selling lots of buckets and towels for the beach, working with Olive the bookkeeper, and on and on and on. The most memorable though, and I think I can possibly speak for all 3 of us "Ward Girls", is Daddy standing on the steps of the store watching the Fourth of July Parade. He would lock the doors to the store only when the parade was in front of it, opening it strictly (and I do mean strictly) to those who needed batteries or film, until the parade was over. The baton may be passed, but the memories of Dad, and Dad and the Mayflower Shop will never fade. Although he passed away several years ago, Dan Ward made the Mayflower Shop what it is today. I only hope someone will come along to give the same TLC to the store and Chatham as he did.

Paul Angotta

I hope that the store goes to someone who will love it as much as your family did - good luck.

cousin Frannie

Great tribute to the Mayflower Shop!
It has been part of our family my whole life(well almost).
I have many memories of the store including ones of Holly working there!


that is so cool, and I really hope someone special buys it.
Happy Holidays!

Charlie Dickerman

I remember the kites...all different kinds...and the incredible art supplies. Of course Dan's grandson remembers some of the change-making lessons but I'm guessing he remembers the toys the most; while his sister remembers not being able to see over the counter.:-)

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