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Thursday, November 11, 2010


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Cuzzin Robert

Beautifully written Claudia..and after reading the story and then seeing that photo of your Uncle in the wheelchair-whew! very moving photo indeed!
Peter and I had an Uncle John who was in Normandy - unfortunately he was never well after coming back. As we grew up we didn't quite understand why "Uncle Johnny" was such an alcoholic. He never spoke of the war. Such a sad sad story. My Mom (Peter's Aunt) would try to tell us "Uncle John has been through some awful times and was injured in WW2" Speaking as a Viet Vet myself, there just wasn't the support for those brave souls that we have today.


Thank you one and all for your comments here.

Paul Angotta

Your posts have made me laugh, smile, and warmed my heart - - and now they have made me cry.

The picture alone would have done it, the story was the clincher.

Seriously, the shot of your uncle in the cathedral is nothing short of stunning.

God bless him, and all those who fight for the freedom we all enjoy.

Debra Cobb

I remember your uncle John and your wonderful trip together. That was a great gift from you to him, and your beautiful photo pays tribute to him and the veterans you honored. Thank you for sharing it with us.


mom sent me the link.wonderful tribute to your Dad and John! i knew John served in WW II, but I did not know that he was at Omaha Beach! I remember when you two made that trip to europe. I also thought of my Dad on veteren's day(wwII, navy, pacific).
cousin Frannie


You also made me cry. You out did yourself Claudia!!!!! As another reader put it so well, "I think God forgave you for taking that picture of your uncle". It is the only picture I NEVER rotate out and the one picture EVERY visitor I have picks up and comments on.

Martha Pierce

This is a thank you to your father and uncle for being Patriots. As I marched up Fifth Avenue in honor of my own patriots yesterday, I was amazed not only by the magnitude of the parade participants but of the viewers. How proud they all seemed to be Americans.


You made me cry, you little devil. Could hear you reading the piece to me and remembering your telling me about the trip so long ago.


Truly wonderful post. I often think of dinners in New York with John. He was an elegant, welcoming, gentle man and that trip meant the world to him...and you.

Bob Dollard


I think God forgave you for taking that picture of your uncle. All day long I've been trying to keep myself in check and make sure I'm honoring this day and all it stands for. There are parades, articles, and spots on TV shows to help us remember and honor those who fought for our freedom. I thought this morning when I heard the phrase "Land of the free, BECAUSE of the brave" that the meaning clicked with me. That was until I read your post. Since our dinner in Swampscott the night you and Peter came out to see Junior and me, I've been watching Open Window for a tribute to your uncle. What better day than today. That picture will be with me for a very long time. The memory must be with you for a lifetime. How lucky.


I can only imagine the images they have in their memories.

Valerie jardin

Wonderful post. As you probably know I am from Normandy. My parents were young children on d-day, yet they remember the events vividly.

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