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Friday, November 19, 2010


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Paul Angotta

Love all things Thanksgiving - especially anything pumpkin, which I hope avoids your 'orange' ban. Pumpkin pie, cookies, muffins, soup - can't get enough of them.

Sweet potatoes? Leave'em. My mom is the only one in the family that eats them. And each year she gives her annual line of, "Just try them - tastes change and you may like them now."

I expect the same result this year as ones in the past - no thanks.


leave 'em for me, but i liked your facts and gorgeous photos.

Barbara Andolsek Paintings

I love my 'baked' sweet potato strips which are exactly like yours except for the cumin. I also (being of German ancestry) love to dip them in sour cream with just a tad of Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, just a tad. I love them baked as well, with just plain butter and again, sour cream. I cannot and never will like in any way the typical sweet potatoes served at your typical Thanksgiving. Way too gooey sweet with all of that sugar and marshmallows. AND both the sweet potato/yam are the very highest in the vegetable world regarding vitamins. I'd eat either one in a minute... ps - you did a brilliant job on your research btw.

Claudia Ward

I promise. I ate over half of them myself. When Peter got back from errands he reheated them at 425 degrees F and they crisped up a little more. I'm definitely doing them again!

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You promise me they are good?????????????

Charlie of the svelte can't appreciate the value of a tasty starch-like dinner component that's good for you, and does not really need butter or sour cream to satisfy those of us in the less-than-svelte contingent. Like turkey....sweet potatoes or yams should not be relegated to the holiday-only the shelf!

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