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Friday, August 06, 2010


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Debra Cobb

I want to be the teenage body in the bikini! Seriously, I can't wait to go to the beach--we are headed for the Outer Banks in September.


Thank you one and all for your wonderful comments. Mary, there's nothing boring about a lady in pink! Sally, I'm not surprised you like the little blond boy, he looks very much like your own son at this age! John I'm thrilled that these photos could conjure up such a great response. And, Paul, I enjoy brightening your day. Thanks again everyone.

Paul Angotta

On this cloudy day, the perfect way to brighten the overcast morning was to view your photos. Beautiful.

Claudia Ward

Bob, You should have been at the beach today ... Spectacular!

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Ally, The music was from the movie Julie & Julia! I just stumbled across it!

Cuzzin Robert

ahhhh !! good surf!!! another phototabulous production! well done.. you have suceeded in making a native East End son feel homesick (not for the traffic tho!) nice choice of music. One gal holding the big floppy hat reminded me of Edith Beale. Oh those memories visiting her delivering her trust fund check and cat food-(mid 60s)


great photos and the music was perfect!

Claudia Ward

Remember when I used to drag you to the beach? What fun we had!

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These are fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like there might be some pictures in there for Peter also. I loved the first one, the two sisters and the little boy bent over with his hands in the sand and water. They are all fabulous though!!!!!!!!!!

John S

Nicely done, Claudia. I could feel the sand under my feet and the salt spray on my face.


Loved the photos and the music, Claudia. I identified most with the older woman in the pink tee shirt--boring, right?

Barbara Andolsek Paintings

Utterly and completely fantastic. Thanks Claudia, I really did need that! I feel refreshed.

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