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Saturday, July 31, 2010


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Jenna Schrock

Aww. This is such a wonderful birthday card for your sister. I was searching for some good old sisters stories and I found this. The braces part reminds me of the time my sister got hers when we were in LA. The dentist did a good job on her teeth, so I said I want 'em too.

Good thing you girls still have the connection, I just hope you get to hang around together again. Whatta lovely story. ♥


I am still a teary-eyed older sis. Thanks. xoxo


You brought tears to my eyes, Coco! I am proud to be related to all three of you. Your blog is terrific. Sisters are quite wonderful. I am so very thankful for mine.


Carl, Be careful what you ask for ....

What a fabulous "Birthday Card" to your sister.......Happy Belated Birthday to 'sister' . As a reminder my birthday is February 25th.........

Miss you Claudia more than you know, but so glad I can live vicariously through your blog.



You wrote a beautiful birthday card to your sister- so interesting to think of that passage of time and how the two of you remain connected despite the years and lives lived.


CW, your post is very poignant for me at this particular time in my life. I'm the youngest of 3 daughters and only 2 of us are left, me & my eldest sister. The progress of Alzheimers in my mom has split us and we are about as seperate as any 2 sisters can be. As a result, I have followed your lead and started my own blog with the hope that she will see how good life can be if we just let go of the anger.

Debra Cobb

What a nice tribute to your big sis. I too have two can relate to the similarities and differences you share with yours.


Barbara, Must clarify one thing ... I am the middle child. Sally,with whom you've had exchanges on your website, is my "little sister" - more on that later :)

Barbara Andolsek Paintings

I too am the baby, and still love that status in the sibling ladder. Aren't old pictures just great. Happy Birthday Claudia's sister and wishes for many happy days ahead.


My parents had two daughters....and I was the elder. It was fun to read your blog today, Claudia, written from the perspective of a younger sister (as my sister, Jane, who is four years younger than me, is). Happy Birthday to your sister!

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