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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


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Talk about a birds eye view! Bravo! You should pitch this to Plum tv!


Thanks for each and every one of your comments. Great idea Deb, maybe we'll try to contact Plum TV. Carol, I'd hoped someone would laugh. Ally you used the perfect word "spectacle" and it only gets better from here on in. More later!

Debra Cobb

That was well-done--I would think you could sell that to one of the TV stations. Carparks bring out the best in us, you think?


Great post! I enjoyed seeing all of the "beautiful" people arrive. Hope you got to the beach this weekend....everyone who got off that train was probably there too!!


I loved your captions- I can only imagine what it must be like.
Pretty amazing how fast it cleared out- very impressive.
Never having seen the phenomenon, I quite enjoyed the spectacle and you gave a very clear & funny slide/scene show.


Being within walking distance is a definite plus in the summertime - Loved it, and having seen it myself, I had a good chuckle.


OMG! I burst out laughing at the shot of all the people shading their eyes and looking in every direction...been there done that! What fun! you have out done yourself yet again.

Loved it !!!! the pictures, the music, the quotes were all very amusing to those of us on the "outside".


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