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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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Ally, You are so right about those jet engines, when they're directly overhead, they were ear-splitting but what fun!


I just watched the blue angel slide show now and those are amazing photos. How appropriate on July 4th and the music is perfect, much preferable to ear splitting jet engine noise I should think.


Wonderful pictures!! I have been to the show so I know how fast these planes are going. I can't believe you got such great shots. Thanks for sharing.


Deb, You're very welcome.
Paul, So glad you like this, it was so much fun to do.
Barbara, Gotta love those memories!

Debra Cobb

Thank you for this. I've loved the Blue Angels since I first saw them as a little girl and love to watch military jets perform their maneuvers.

Paul Angotta

Awesome all around! Thanks for sharing!

Barbara Andolsek Paintings

Wow, does this ever bring back memories. We've been to many an air show, especially since we hung around our hangar most of the weekends in Houston/Clear Lake as we had our own small plane. I thoroughly enjoyed practically hanging out of the window. We had a great time of it. Sold it about 10 years ago. The pilots are awesome, so exact. The manuevers - whoa! Think I'll go look at the photo of us grinning ear from ear in our plane now. Thanks for the memories Claudia...

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