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Thursday, April 08, 2010


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"Child in the Luxembourg Gardens" -- what a lovely subject, photo, and painting! It makes me think of the friendships that I had in childhood: how real we could be with each other -- not afraid to share our creative selves. May your friendship continue to blossom. Thank you for sharing.



Mary, Many thanks for the kind words and for joining in.

Mary Tanaskovic Bitting

Beautiful juxtaposition of painting and photography, Claudia!

Robert Beyer

Claudia... Just loved the story about your photo and Barbara's painting of it! Something about the creative forces behind the interpretation of a scene that comes out in a painting.. Did Peter tell you there is an "artists" streak in the Eagers? Our Grandfather "Wild Bill" was quite an artist with pencil... Keep up the good work.. loved the bread photo, and how you explained why bread making is fun..
Cousin Robert

Barbara Andolsek Paintings

Thanks Sally. Btw, Claudia helped me with the title as well. I expressed what I was trying to say about the painting and my wordsmith went to work with a wonderful list of words leaving me to decide from there. The words expressed the essence of the scene for me. I love the originality and creativity of the title of this piece. A perfect union of verbal and visual.


Both are fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!! and it does not surprise me in the least that you bought the painting! I would have been disappointed if you had not :)!! Barbara, the painting is great - I love it!!!!!!!!



You are too erudite for us to believe you're at a loss for words.


The Squire!

Hi Malcolm,

Don't believe I've blogged before. What a new experience you and Peter are giving me!You're all much too clever for me as I don't have anything witty to say! Suffice to say, both encapsulate the moment.


Paul, Many thanks from both of us. It's all pretty exciting.

Paul Angotta

I agree with Carol's comments - I have a number of friends that have commissioned artists to paint their favorite photographs. Sending along your e-mail(s) address(es) to them - hopefully, something will break for both of you. Please keep them coming!


Lee, In fact, the first painting I purchased from Barbara was one of her "Scapes" called "Boating" ... bright colors and great water, but I cannot tell a lie, I did buy "Urban Innocence" and it arrived 20 minutes before your comment posted. It's wonderful and believe it or not, really brings the photograph to life.


Why am I not surprised at the painting you bought from Barbara?!


That is so cool!!


Oh My! Two gifted artists coming together. Urban Innocence is a really wonderful rendition. Please tell me you are going to do more of these and I believe you could entice many people who love children, grandchildren, pets etc. to "commission" personal artwork. Well done.


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