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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


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I love these. Where are the note cards available?


Bonnie, Glad you could join us, and it sounds like your morning started out beautifully too. Have you seen the picture of the Sag Harbor dock in "The Day Got Away" in Feb? I lived in North Haven up until 2002. Where do you live now?

Bonnie Wingate Jackson

I started my day with cheerios and a gorgeous sunrise to gaze upon on the way to work this morning. I grew up in Sag Harbor, so enjoyed seeing Sagg Pond.


Dollard, Yes of course. Let's chat.

Robert Beyer

waaaaaaaaa--- you are making me homesick!! Nice clip! RBee

Bob Dollard

Beautiful start to the day Claudia. Mine was not quite the same... I started it at the airport before sunrise. We have a new place under agreement and are looking for wall art. Would any of these photos be for sale??


I really like your musical slide shows Claudia! Thanks for sharing them.

Barbara Andolsek Paintings

Great way to start the day. Bravo!

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