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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


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You take 'em. I'll post 'em!


Beautiful pictures. I'll see if I can take some good pictures of the dirty snow, broken umbrellas, potholes and people with the tired pale look that is so common in the northeast this time of the year!


I don't know where your window looks out onto, but there is NO sign of spring in NYC! Trees are still bare, no flowers in bloom (yet,) and people are still wrapped up like Christmas presents.

But it is getting warmer - walked home today and daylight was with me the entire time. Never a fan of March - but if it stays like this, I am willing to change my opinion.

And as I am sure that you are hearing - these pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


WHOA, WOW. I've never seen this flora or fauna before, amazing. Thanks for posting.

I have never seen or heard of snowdrops, but I must agree they are brilliant. What a great picture capturing Mother Nature At Her Best !

Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

carl From River Edge

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