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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


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In case you've not heard the story told....a cowboy was walking on Beacon Hill and approached a resident with this query: "Scuse me but could you tell me where the Public Garden's at?" ....the very proper Bostonian advised him that in Boston "one does not end a sentence with a preposition!" The cowboy thought a moment and asked..."Well, could you tell me where the Public Garden's at, A..hole!?"

Sometimes pointing out misplaced modifiers can be other times it's just rude and pretentious. Guess it depends on the audience.

Here's one you will like. My Banquet Manager just came and asked me what a traditional 4th of July meal would be. Of course my preliminary response was Burgers. She told me she said that to a client and the client was appalled!!! I said "Don't tell me....she wants Salmon and Peas." My astonished manager just nodded and said how did you know? So I told her I had encountered that only once in my life and that she should ask the client if peach ice cream would fit in OK. :-)


If we always followed the rules and did not push the envelope, then would we have ever made it to the Moon or would we still consider the world flat? The list could go on and on. Are those that do not wish to bend a rule (that is legal)afraid of change? Somewhere in my childhood, I remember hearing so clearly "rules are meant to be broken"!


Churchill did say "never, never, never, give in" some say he said "quit", but it still applies here in looking for those darn participle answers, dangling or otherwise. Enjoy your musings immensely.

Debra Cobb

I've always relied on my "reader's ear." When I read, I hear the words as though they were being spoken. (Not sure if that is normal!) So, if something written makes sense to me as spoken, I go with it. In that context, Churchill's statement sounds mighty awkward, (even if he was British!)But I do "get where he was coming from."

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