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Tuesday, March 09, 2010


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Great suggestion Sal, thanks for suggesting it!


Ah but we all have waistline problems today. It seems like the more seasoned we become, the less food we entice our pallets with due to these concerns of waistlines. Why is it with this self denial of certain tasteful pleasures do the limited calories we do choose to entice ourselves with, continue to find the hips? This just does not seem fair. As for the decadent chocolate recipe, if one did not want a huge portion, and had a bit of patience, this might be good to make into bite size petifores. It would require a bit more work, but would last longer, especially if you froze them and took out as needed or wanted.

Pam Howard

You have not had a problem waistline since you left high school!!!!! xoxo Older Sis

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