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Saturday, February 20, 2010


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Ron Prosser

Claudia: At a time your Federal, State, and Local governments are eating your retirement wealth, why are we asking who is eating our ice cream when we are soon not going to have any money to buy ice cream if the group in the White House succeeds in getting their programs passed in Congress. These are dangerous times, and Carl needs ice cream and smelly chese like I need a hole in the head.


Carl, Ice cream recipes will be forthcoming.


Savory for sure..although sweet has been growing in my "old age". love the pictures as always

Debra Cobb

I am definitely of the savory persuasion. Given a choice between ice cream and cheese, or chocolate vs. cashews, the savory wins every time. However, lactose intolerance unfortunately limits my intake of both ice cream and cheese, not to mention rice pudding, creme brulee or strawberries and cream. Would someone pass the peanuts, please?? Debra--UK

Claudia Ward

Per capita.

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As cold as it has been I am not thinking of ice cream!!!!!!! The cheese does look inviting however. One pint of ice cream a week??????????? Another interesting study would be if these statistics are families with children at home or families with children out of the nest ??? :) :)

Pamela Howard

Well I must confess sis that at Disney Village yesterday with my niece I did have to have a waffle cone dipped in chocolate w/ one scoop of Ghirardelli Rocky Road ice cream. That should last for a very very long time!!!


Is that last statement just that, a statement that your preference is "any good ice cream recipes that are healthy and yummy" or is that a question to me ... like do I have "any good ice cream recipes that are healthy and yummy"?

Carl Fazio

I am certainly no where near 1 pint per week. If anything it is about 6 pints per year when I have a craving or am in the mood for a good movie. A good movie and a pint of Ben & Jerry's is my favorite. However, that does not mean I have a sweet tooth. I think I prefer the cheese especially in the picture. The older and smelly cheeses are my favorite. I do have to say I may have to limit my visits here as you make my tummy scream for your delicious recipes ... any good ice cream recipes that are healthy and yummy.

Carl - River Edge, New Jersey

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