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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


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You made Peter and I roar with laughter. Thanks. But correction, please. As one who has been up since dawn, photographing the snow covered golf course, writing the next post for the blog, organizing the paperwork of our lives, making split pea and ham soup and researching how we can sell our photos on stock photo sites, I feel I'm still working just not in an office, in a suit, in a city. My sympathies to you for the cross you must still bear.

Your Pajama Clad Friend,

I am "Living Vicariously" through you and Peter these days. For so many years you used to use that phrase to me...........I am not jealous.but very happy for you that you are in a place that you want to be......I can only hope for the same myself one day...You deserve all this and put your time in.

Your Friend That Still Works.Carl

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