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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


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Paul Angotta

I don't know if it's the type of people I socialize with, but every single one of my friends (and family,) across the board, are all excellent cooks. And there are always leftovers - thankfully.

Italian tradition dictates that you have a baked ham on New Year's Day - as it will ensure good food for the rest of the year.

Liked it growing up, still like it now. Delicious.


I don't understand this but it appears the "Stretching a Food Dollar" was just re-posted and I didn't do it. Weird! Oh well still a good topic.


You missed ham croquettes....mid-century is all the rage. Check "Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book" 1968.

Debra Cobb

Soup of course is the ultimate comfort food and ham works in so many soups. How about a potato, leek, corn and ham chowder? My mom used to use leftover ham in escalloped potatos. She didn't use a recipe, just layered thinly sliced white potatoes in a deep casserole dish with butter, milk or cream, ham, and a dusting of flour. Salt, pepper, dot with butter and a sprinkle of paprika and bake. Yum. Of course she also made ham salad and ham loaf which I would avoid at all costs!

Claudia Ward

Thanks for joining in Carol. The ham was a success cause I used your yummy recipe. That glaze is always a winner. Brown sugar, frozen OJ concentrate, brandy, dry mustard, ground cloves and ground ginger - it couldnt be anything but a winner. And you're right, the frozen OJ concentrate is key! Thanks again!


My favorite leftovers come from my best friend and her husband. They are wonderful cooks and love to share their leftovers. The food is great but the discussions on how they made it and why they combined the ingredients...that's the best part. Please keep your blog and terrific pictures are making a dreary winter much brighter.

Carl Fazio

You gotta love a good ham.......Cooking for 2 is a challenge....I recently bought a fresh turkey and asked the butcher to cut it in half. I cooked a half turkey on Sunday made a nice gravy and some sides. I froze the other half. I had leftovers for hot turkey sandwiches and made soup from the carcass and added the extra gravy for even more flavor. I now have another half of turkey that I can do the same with. I find turkey to be a comfort food filling the house with Thanksgiving Aromas.......Thanks for sharing.


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